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Here’s a list of what I can do. Click away.

Mix ⬇

I mix what I record, and I also mix what others have recorded, including home recordings like these. Send me tracks from anywhere – dropbox/FedEx/thumb drive in the mail… – and let’s get to work.

Record ⬇

I also bring bands into the studio. LA’s got a lot of great rooms and I know what a great room sounds like.

Produce ⬇

Great records have great songs. I really enjoy getting to know a band, spending time in the rehearsal studio, and working on the songs until they’re exactly where the band wants them to be. Then we hit the studio and know what we’re all getting into.

Travel ⬇

If you’re not in Los Angeles or don’t want to travel, I can come to a studio near you, or maybe make your house into a studio. Like this.

Bring Toys ⬇

I have about 12 guitars, several boutique and vintage amplifiers, lots of drum kits….here’s a list.

Drum Tech ⬇

I drum tech every record I do. I’ve been drum teching for over a decade and I’ve taught classes on it. Your drums (or mine) will sound killer on your record.

Hang Out ⬇

I want to work with people I get along with. That’s why I try to meet all my potential clients first for dinner and drinks before we do anything and before any money changes hands. If we don’t get along as people, how will we get along creatively? How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends?


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