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Sioux City Kid – Minutes, Miles, Troubles and Trials (Dusty Needle)



“Next time you’re feeling like hard luck would be better than no luck at all, take a wallow with Sioux City Kid and ‘Lookout Tacoma.'” – Chris Parton, CMT Edge (“Lookout Tacoma” premiere)

“The Kid — who plays the Great American Music Hall on Friday — is a tortured soul, befitting the dusty, bygone era he celebrates. It translates well when he barks out Delta blues vocals backed by roots-rock, rag and rockabilly compositions on his new record, “Minutes, Miles, Troubles & Trials,” but it has resulted in self-imposed hardship and anxiety over his career.”Rob Goszkowski, The Examiner

“Jared Griffin, aka Sioux City Kid, possesses the tattered vocal presence you might expect from a world-weary bluesman being chased by Bigfoot.” – Chris Parton, CMT Edge (“Wishin’ Well” premiere)


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  • Produced by Sioux City Kid and Andy Freeman
  • Recorded (live!) at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA
  • Mixed at Andy Freeman Audio, San Francisco, CA
  • Mastered by Michael at Michael Romanowski Mastering, San Francisco, CA


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  • This record was tracked entirely live at Coast Recorders, a beautiful Bill Putnam room in San Francisco.
  • The piano that Jake Smolowe is playing is an 1874 Steinway with only 85 keys! Apparently, the modern standard of 88 keys was only popularized in the 1880s. You learn something new every time.
  • Jared has such a great, vintage-sounding vocal tone that only a very old RCA ribbon mic would do. Good thing Coast has couple to choose from.
  • The drums that Andrew Laubacher plays are my 1974 Ludwigs. He used the 24″ kick, the 13″ rack, and the 16″ floor tom. Most of the drum sound comes from the Lucas CS-4 mics that Coast has, used in the Glyn Johns configuration. And I could mic them that way because Andrew is a staggeringly good player – he knows how to play with balance behind the kit.



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