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Rio Rio – Light Parade (EP)



“‘The Bashful and the Brave’ builds on the promise of Rio Rio’s earlier work. The band sounds polished.” – Sean O, Indie Shuffle (song premiere)


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  • Since Faultline has a lot of API preamps, and since we did basic tracks live, I decided to go 100% API for this EP. One API preamp is cool but 20? Now you’re talking. It’s amazing how well API punchiness stacks when you have  a lot of it. And that punchiness translates all the way through to the final. I was always an API fan. Now I’m a BIG API fan.
  • Sean Corcran is playing my Gretsch USA kit (you can see it in the image slider on the Drums page). We used the 22×22 kick, too. ka-BOOM! No drum samples needed for any of this, which is how I like to do it.
  • Josh Collopy’s guitar was recorded loud enough to wake the dead. Thanks to my assistant Brad Byrd, we had two amps going at any one time, both dialed in to their sweet spot….which (again) is very, very loud for the amps we used. But hey – it’s the studio! Go nuts!
  • Amps used were a Divided by 13 RSA 23, a British Vox AC30, a Fender Twin, a 1971 Marshall JMP….probably some others too.
  • Josh is a MASTER of his pedalboard. It was a real treat to get to record somebody who can make absolutely any sound come out of a Jazzmaster and some boutique pedals. In fact, his tone was so good, Brad and I put up three sets of room mics to capture it all, in addition to the close mics on both amps. That gave me a lot of options when it came to the mix.
  • Todd Huguenor is singing in a Bock 251….through – yep – an API 512. That went through a Manley EL-OP and an API 5500 while tracking.
  • Eric Wallace is playing his bass through an Orange AD200 head through an Eden 1×15 cab. Mic’d with an SM7 through….an API 512. Also an Avalon U5 for a DI put through another API 512
  • Ian DeBorja is playing his synths through DI’s, but also through a Roland Jazz Chorus with several sets of room mics in Faultline’s big room. This made the synths sound a little more organic to my ear. In the mix, I used the DI’s to cut through but the room-mic’s synth amp to give it body.
  • This was the first thing I mixed with my new analog mix rig – lots of Inward Connections Brute on the vocals, API 527 compressors, Pete’s Place BAC-500’s on Kick and Snare, API 550b’s, Electrodyne 511’s, Empirical Labs Lil FreQ’s. The band loved it and so do I!


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