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Eisley – Deep Space EP (Equal Vision Records)



AP Magazine interviewed me and the band about the making of this record.



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  • Produced by Eisley and Andy Freeman
  • Recorded in a house in Texas. Drums in the living room, guitar amps in closets, “control room” in a bedroom. Tons of fun!
  • Mixed at Andy Freeman Audio, San Francisco, CA
  • Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo, Atlanta, GA


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  • This really was recorded in a house in Texas when it was 112 degrees outside. San Francisco boy (me) was completely unprepared for the heat!
  • I stayed with Todd D’Agostino for a month – this record would not have been made without his and Chauntelle’s hospitality. Todd was the man – he would look after the guitars we were using and was always there to support us. In case you didn’t know, he’s a luthier, and he knows what he’s doing too. Check it out.
  • Since Eisley uses Mesa amps, we had a few to choose from. I was particularly impressed by the little Transatlantic TA-15.
  • I remember that Chauntelle had the idea to use a Whammy pedal for the solo on Deep Space so we ran out and got one. And I’m so glad we did. That solo is fantastic!
  • Weston plays a C&C kit on this record that is easily one of the best drumsets I’ve ever recorded. It sounds like a million bucks.



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