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City Tribe – “I Will Be There for You”


from the forthcoming “Undertow” LP, also recorded, mixed and co-produced by Andy


As you’ll hear in the track I’m premiering, I Will Be There, their sweet harmonies instantly recall Vampire WeekendFleet Foxes and (going back a bit) Everly Brothers tunes.Whitney Matheson, USA Today’s Pop Candy (“I Will Be There for You” song premiere)

“The album’s nine tracks were almost entirely cut live, making for a uniquely heartfelt first-listen for new fans.” – Dacey Orr, Paste Magazine (“Wildflower” song premiere)

City Tribe are a fantastic band when the listener’s end goal is to be sent into a blissful wave of melodic trust. – Matthew Leimkuehler, Under the Gun (“Green Eyes” song premiere)


See Additional Credits ⬇

  • Produced by City Tribe and Andy Freeman
  • Recorded at Faultline Studios and Coast Recorders, both in San Francisco, CA
  • Mixed at Andy Freeman Audio, San Francisco, CA
  • Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo, Atlanta, GA


Go Behind the Scenes ⬇

  • We recorded the drums, bass, and guitar parts live at Faultline Studios in San Francisco
  • Cody Rhodes’ 1970s Yamaha 9000 drums (natural finish, birch shells) were setup in the live room. He had no front hole in the 24″ kick drum head so I mic’d the beater and the resonant heads Bonham-style, front and back.
  • We had three Bock 251 microphones and I put them in Glen Johns-configuration, top, side, and front. Ninety percent of the drum sound you hear is from these three mics. Cody is such a controlled drummer that he “mixed himself” with those three, just like John Bonham used to.
  • The spot mics on toms were my usual Sennheiser e904’s, and we had an SM57 on snare. I didn’t use much of these at all but I always put them up because….you never know.
  • The really interesting part of the drum track is that Cody was playing a tambourine in his right hand during the whole song. Every drum hit you hear was done with the single stick in his left hand. I’ve found that when percussion is played this way the whole song feels more together. We never could have gotten an overdubbed tambourine to sound that good – Cody is the MAN.
  • Here’s a pic of the drum kit from this song:
  •  City Tribe Drums


  • The very unique feature of the sound is that we used an EMT 140 plate that was setup in the room. There’s nothing that unusual about an EMT plate – though they sounds AMAZING – but this one had just been purchased by Faultline, and it was sitting on the live room floor with the sides off, making the big cold-rolled steel plate visible. So rather than a send/return setup for reverb, the drums were “firing” right into the that steel plate. I recorded the returns from the plate without sending anything to it. That gave a very, very rich reverb. I’m not sure I could duplicate it with a send/return setup. I’ll keep trying though…. For now, I’m glad City Tribe benefitted from it.
  • Duncan’s guitar amp was mic’d with my standard Royer R121/Shure SM57 combo. He made a….modification to his silverface Fender Twin that I’ll leave to your imagination. It’s the sauce.
  • Eric’s bass amp was an Orange AD200 with a 1×15 Eden cab. It was mic’d with one of my Soundelux U95s mics. They’re big tube mics along the lines of a U47 but I prefer those to most U47’s I’ve heard. We sent that signal through an EAR660 compressor.
  • Vocals were recorded at Coast Recorders. I used their Neumann U67 and a BAE 1028 preamp. (Coast has eight!) I probably used a little Manley ELOP for compression but I can’t remember.