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Branches – “Darlin'”



“California-based band Branches…has continued to hone their banjo-picking, harmony-driven indie folk with frequent touring and plenty of time recording. Now, the band has released a new single in “Darlin’,” a track produced and mixed by Andy Freeman.” – Dacey Orr, Paste Magazine (song premiere)


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  • Produced by Branches and Andy Freeman
  • Recorded at The Fortress, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mixed at Andy Freeman Audio, San Francisco, CA
  • Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo, Atlanta, GA


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  • It’s always bugged me that the “proper” way to mic an acoustic guitar is to have the player sitting stock still, not moving at all. It can be really uncomfortable for the player to have to act like they swallowed a 2×4 just to get a good sound. So for this session I got one of these clamps and stuck it on the Gibson Elvis Presley Dove I brought to the session. I put a Neumann KM84 (1969!) on it and presto! Tyler could conduct the band and move around as much as he wanted while the mic stayed in the sweet spot. I’ve been carrying the H-clamp to sessions ever since.
  • The drums we used were my 1974 Ludwig kit, 14×24 kick with 16×16 and 16×18 floor toms. Seems like that kit gets used on just about everything these days – in this era of the big kick drum, this particular kick just can’t be denied! Mike is a very dynamic drummer and the Ludwigs were more than up to the task, as usual! I can’t remember what snare we used on Darlin’. Black Beauty 6.5×14 probably.
  • The studio we tracked this at – The Fortress – has a gorgeous old Neve sidecar full of 1063 (yes, sixty-three) preamps. We used it on absolutely everything. Apparently Tom Petty had used this very sidecar before. I’d believe that because it certainly had a mojo that came from somewhere….
  • The Fortress also has a KILLER pair of Neumann KM54 omnis that we moved all over their massive live room to get some space on the recordings. They’re on every track but you can really hear them on the large tom roll (the Ludwigs again) played by Natalie in the choruses. Ditto the piano at the end.